Saturday, June 25, 2011

FInally in Incheon

So after 3 planes, 1 train, a 19 hour layover, trying to sleep in the airport, one airport having wi-fi, the other having a desk that 10 people were standing at it to get wi-fi, barely eating anything and around 48 hours of traveling we finally made it to our hotel for the week in Incheon.

My last post was when we made it to Tokyo-Haneda Airport. We stayed there over night from midnight here to 6:56am. WE tried to sleep but were unsuccessful. Thankfully we had Wi-Di there so we could get caught up on Facebook, Twitter and of course CWS. WE then had to buy a train ticket to get to the other airport Narita. That train left at 6:56am and as around 2 hours. WE got to see very little Tokyo on the train because it was basically like a subway; but still a very cool experience.

When we arrived at Narita Airport we had to find our way to Delta check in. As we drug our luggage through the airport we finally got checked in and through security and found a spot to camp out for 10 hours. We were starving at this point and it was only 9 am, we didn’t want breakfast food so we waited it out until lunch. And still had McDonald’s to eat.

To kill time I saw on the floor at the huge windows and watched plane after plane land, unload and reload and leave again. I felt like a little kid but it did make the time pass by a lot quicker. A few hours of the layover I stood at the desk to get wi-fi to watche the live stats of the USC-UVA game, which lasted forever. Finally it was 7 pm and time to board our final flight. I was asleep before we even go in the air good, as were the other girls too. That was the first sleep I had since my 2-hour nap on the long flight. We finally landed after 2 hours, went through immigration, got our luggage and met Mr. Choi. He could tell I was exhausted obviously because we carried by bags for me.

On the 30 Minute ride to the hotel we went across the 6th longest bridge in the world, which was around 16 miles long. I want to see it during the day because it didn’t seem like any bridge I have ever been on. The town on Incheon at night reminded me of Atlanta on a little smaller scale with tall buildings. As we walked into the obby of the hotel some Australian guys asked us to go out with them, we laughed it off. After checking in to the hotel we went to our rooms and never has a bed or shower looked so nice.

After a long shower Rachel and I attempted to figure out how to turn the lights off… we ended up having to call the front desk.  I slept like a baby. It is now around 11 am here 10 pm at home. Today we will be going to lunch and meeting our “buddies” for here and then visiting around the area and going to a fish market. We will eat seafood tonight. It is the rainy season here, great (sarcasm). So today I will be wearing my yellow Sperry rain shoes, or as I call my duck shoes. So this starts my first of many days here in Korea!!

FInally thought:
As i write this post I am listening to a Korean girls group on MTV here. It's really cool. I like the music even though I have no clue what they are saying.

I will post pictures of the day tonight J

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