Thursday, June 30, 2011


Thursday morning start off at 9:30. Wansai. EunJi, JiAhn and Tae Eun pick us up. Mr. Choi did not join us today. The van driver drove us to Seoul which was about an hour and a half. When we got there we went to the National Museum of Korea. It has really old artifacts dating back to the beginning of time basically. The things reminded me a lot of Native Americans, like the tools they used. This museum is the 9th most visited in the world.

After having spaghetti to eat at the museum restaurant we went to a street in downtown that had a statue of King Sejong. He is on all of the money in Korea. From this street we could see the house of the president. You could enter a big gate to get a closer look. But it started to rain so we didn’t go explore in there. The president’s house had a bright blue roof. The US Embassy is also located on the street.

We then rode to Insa-Dong. It has many different types of culture type stores. At this point we were all getting very hot and the rain made it very humid. We didn’t stay in this area long. After deciding that we were very hot and worn out they took us to an artificial river that was in the middle of the business district and let us sit by river and out our feet in. this felt amazingly cold and refreshing.

The last stop of the day was to the shopping district. The main street had upper end stores, way out of our range…. So we settled for looking on the side streets. This area reminded me of Little Italy in New York. We were treated to Smoothie King for a snack to cool us off and refresh us. The ride back seemed very long because we were so worn out. But today was a great day because we got to bond with the buddy students and ask them all kinds of questions. We are going to miss them greatly next wek when we have to go to Dong-A University in Busan.

Our final day here in Incheon is Friday; we are getting to go to an amusement park. They showed us pictures and it reminded me of Disney World. We are all super excited!!

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