Friday, June 24, 2011


After leaving Greenwood at noon on Thursday we have finally made it to the half way point. We have landed at Tokyo-Henada Airport. Due to it being after midnight here we must wait until 7:40 am to catch the train to Tokyo-Narita airport. That ride will be 2 hours. I'm sure it will be fun though seeing the city of Tokyo.

The flight from Detroit was around 13 hours. We all watched movies. I entertained myself with 'Just Go With It' which was adorable and 'The Hangover'. 'The Hangover' is not a movie to watch on an airplane that is silent. I wanted to laugh out loud so bad but didn't want people to think I was a weird American.
After watching that I knew I should watch something that was a little educational. I watched a documentary on how Coke is bottled and America Pickers.

We all tried to sleep but were unsuccessful being so cramped up in the seats. After landing we went through customs, got our passports stamped and got out bags. We then learned that we had to wait until morning to get the train to the other airport.

We have another 18 hours or so before we fly to Incheon. Good thing I found Koala cookies in the store here. I screamed from excitement, they were my favorite cookie when I was in Mure-Cho.
Until next time!

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