Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Day in Incheon

Mr. Choi picked us up at the hotel at 10:30 this morning. We then ate in the hotel restaurant. EunJi (the exchange student that is coming to Lander this year) met us with  him. She is very sweet and will do well at Lander. After that We went to the Fish Market. It was so colorful in there. Fish, shrimp, crap and octopus were everywhere. it was like nothing I have ever scene in my life. After walking around the fish market we had lunch in a seafood restaurant. We cooked it ourselves. It had a gas stove in the middle of the table. We had conch shell, clam and oysters. The oysters were amazing!

After lunch Eunji got us all a subway pass and we caught the subway to the under ground mall. It had many stores with clothes, shoes and cell phones. It was very crowed and busy being on sunday. The jet lag was catching up to us and EunJi could tell we needed a little rest so we found a Starbucks. We rested there for an hour as we talked to her about Lander and Korean culture.

After catching the subway to another part of town we met Mr. Choi again along with another student at Incheon that will be with us for the week. Also joining us was an American exchange student at University of Incheon, his name was Michael. It was time for dinner so Mr. Choi took us to what I would compare to a Japanese steak house, but with Korean food and we once again got to cook it ourselves. I ate what i understood to be raw beef, low beef and a verity of vegetable.

At dinner Mr. Choi ordered 4 bottles of SOJU... a korean liquor that compares to vodka. We all took shots. I had 7, orders from Mr. Choi. It was a light tasting liquor. After dinner we were tired but not ready to be in for the night so we went to karaoke. Much to my disappointment they did not have "Wagon Wheel" but I made up for it by singing "Sweet Home Alabama" some NSYNC and Christina and ending with "Tik Tok."

Today was am amazing experience. I loved every minute of it. Being in a country that I know very little about and speak zero of their language isn't as scary as one may think. It is all a learning experience and I am very fortunate that I have this opportunity. I know the next 5 weeks will just as much fun as my first day.


  1. Sounds like the Mr. Choi is a great host. I am glad you are having fun and seeing that travel as a young adult is good. It is also great that you are in South Korea where presumably, they have a strong affinity for Americans. The blog descriptions and photos are awesome( what isbthe deal with the yellow shoes?
    Thanks for sharing your trip. Enjoy every day because it will pass so fast

    Uncle T

  2. It is the rainy season here. When we woke up this morning it was raining and I did not want my tennis shoes to get wet or wear flip flops so I wore my rain shoes.

  3. Wow what a Sunday and 1st day you had. Tha ks for sharing such great pictures that show you are having a fabulous experience. Finding a Starbucks there, singing Sweet Home Alabama, and I know how you love oysters! Mr. Choi sounds like a fun guy! You look so happy and thanks for sharing your experience w us all. I informed Uncle Terry about your cute yellow shoes. Take care.
    Love, Aunt Lisa

  4. Your mama loves the Sperrys. I just hope you don't have to wear them for the next 5 weeks. This was a great beginning for you Korean adventure. Can't wait for the next installment.
    Love, Mama and Frank