Friday, July 1, 2011

Lotte World.. Last Day in Incheon

We began at 9:30 this morning. The group met us and we rode to Seoul to go to Lotte World. This is an amusement park that is part indoor part outdoor. It was like 6 Flags just a little smaller. The mascots for Lotte world are Lotty and Lorry. The rides were really fast to be at a park that size. While waiting in line for the last we got Smoothie Kind, which is amazing! There was a parade through the indoor park with the mascots and other dancers, which was pretty cool.  We had a lot of fun today with the group of buddy students. We came back to Incheon and changed clothes to go to dinner. We dined at a traditional restaurant that you can cook you on food at. EunJi and Wansai each gave us a gift. And we had a few toast to our great time in Incheon.

I have enjoyed my time in Incheon so much. Tomorrow is going to be very tough leaving the great friends we have made here. I know after one week I have made great friendships. I can’t wait to have EunJi in Greenwood come August 23rd. but hate that Wansai and the other can’t join here.

We will leave Inchoen tomorrow and head to Busan for 4 weeks. Our buddy students will pick us at the train station. I am very excited to meet a new group of people and start a new journey in another part of Korea. This trip has been amazing so far. The group that Lander chose to represent them here is amazing. We all are so different form one another, but yet have things in common. If it were not for this trip I don’t believe some of our paths would have ever crossed but I am thankful that they did. We are all learning a lot about Korean Pop Culture thanks to Rachel. Or as she became at dinner Rachel Ray because she took charging of cooking our meal.

I love Incheon and everyone that we met!! See you in Busan!! 

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