Thursday, July 21, 2011

class. kimchi. karaoke.

Tuesday night most of us went out for pork and drinks. Not having meat for 24 hours seemed to make us all crazy. The meal was delicious; 6 plates of pork to grille, 3 beers and 3 soju all for only 48 Won. Made a cheap meal for everyone. And it was so worth it.


Due to all of us be drained physically and mentally class didn’t start until 10:30 Wednesday. It was so nice to sleep in a little. After class Ziv, Lane, Rachel, Allie, Lauren and I went to have dinner at a pork house. We were still trying to get our meat craving fixed. After lunch we all had to meet back up and go across campus to learn how to make kimchi. It seemed pretty easy but time consuming but I think I will try to make some when I get home. It takes about 3 days at least to make sure the flavor is soaked in. we also made battered egg plant and zucchini. And then were served a great watermelon punch that I will make for sure and rice cakes.

After our cooking time we all got the subway across town to the movie theatre. We saw Happy Potter 7 part 2. I took a good nap because I never really liked Harry Potter. But everyone else loved it. On the way back the boys asked if I wanted to join them and go out, I was exhausted so I turned them down.


Class was pretty calm; only about half the people showed up, some took person days. So we got out early.  After lunch at Lotteria (hamburgers, that are not good at all) we met with out groups to work on our last mission. My group (Allie, Lauren and Jens) is doing Korean food. After discussing who would do what we all got released for the day. When we got back to the dorm Noreena and Melissa were headed out to Napodong with the boy and some buddies so Lauren and I joined. We walked around the Lotte mall, but didn’t shop because we are going back next week. We met up with Lee, Young and Vinson for a Vietnamese dinner. It was good but bland compared to the spicy Korean food I have earned to love.

After dinner we went to a park at the top of the Napo area. The other group called and asked if we want to join them for drinks at a restaurant so we couldn’t turn them down. After a finishing up we all decided it was time to do some karaoke. We got a room for an hour and belted out crazy songs and danced to Korean songs. Kanghoon danced the entire time and so did Robbie. It was so much fun getting to bond with that group of people outside of structured time. Today we are leaving for one night to go to Geoje Island. 

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