Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Bye Incheon... We will meet again.. Hello HOT Busan

Leaving Incheon was very sad this morning. EunJi, Wansai and Mr. Choi picked us up at the hotel at 9:30 and took us to the train station. Before boarding we got a sandwich at a cafĂ© in the station to take on the train. Saying good-bye to the group was hard. The past week in Incheon was a great experience. We were treated like royalty. Mr. Choi was always looking out for us and doing what ever he could to help us and make us happy. Wansai always tried to make us laugh and pick on me. And EunJi was so sweet to us. I can’t wait to see her when she gets to Greenwood!!

Boarding the train was done in a rush because the train only stops for 2 minutes at each stop. Once again the luggage was a chore to get situated. Next time I go somewhere I am only packing 3 outfits. And not taking my big duffle back pack that I have named “Big Bertha”. Everyone has laughed because it is so heavy. Thankful this always helps because my luggage is always carried for me.

When we arrived in Busan after the 2 and  half hour ride our buddies greeted us at the doors. JiHyan is my buddy here. We are a perfect match to be paired up. She was dressed so cute and speaks great English. She is an English and French major.  After a 20 minute taxi ride we were finally at Dong-A. After getting our luggage in our room and learning to work the air we took the bus to town to buy some food and things for the room.

The town of Busan is so cute but large. It is very different from Incheon or Seoul. We went into a market that had the necessary items; even the cute little bananas that I saw for the first time in Incheon. We all got a few drinks and snacks to keep us happy. We learned that the Dong-A bus goes into town all the time so we can catch it whenever we need to go. On the way to the market we saw a Baskin Robbins, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. I think once we learn our way around we will explore more.

After the ride back to school we counted the steps it is up to the door of our dorm … 93 steps.. so this will be a 4 week diet and work out plan for sure! When we got back to our rooms we said bye to our buddies. We will be back with them on Monday. We all unpacked and washed clothes. Dinner was served in the basement of the dorm at 5:30… on the menu.. kimchi and rice. Needless to say I feel like we stood out like a sour thumb in the cafeteria. We had no clue what to do. But the security guard motioned for us to come sit as his table and he showed us the green tea and napkins. This s a whole new learning experience being in a dorm on our own in Korea.

The view from our room is amazing. I will take more pictures tomorrow because we have all of tomorrow to relax. The other foreign students form the UK will be here late tonight. 

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  1. Corb, I was away for few days but caught up with your adventures this week on the blog. It sounds like an amazing trip and that you are taking it in. I like how it all sounds and expect that 93 steps a couple of times a day will help address a
    L PF the fine dining over the last two weeks. Keep all of this up and thanks for sharing on the blog