Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning to Fall in Love with Busan

Korean class day 3 went a lot better than the previous days. The teacher finally realized we were all struggling with her teaching method. We started off the class by playing Bingo. That helped so much because we had to call out the words. I was one line away from winning sadly. After class was over we were dismissed for one hour. Rachel, Allie and I decided to go back to the dorm room and have a snack from the store in the basement.

The 2nd part of the day was spent recording the audio for the HangGilDong story. My one line was still very unentertaining. Due to technical difficulties the 10-minute recording took around 2 hours to finish. There was a representative from the Dong-A Taekwondo team there to listen to us and make sure everything was correct. So I enjoyed the view while he was there. After finally finishing the recording we were dismissed for the day.

It was only around 4 o’clock and all of our buddies wanted to so something with us. We all decided to go to the Nambodong area to look around all the different shops. Very few people bought anything because we are going on a field trip later on in our visit. We took the subway there. The area was very cool it had knockoff merchandise and street food vendors.
We all were getting hungry by this point so we all decided we wanted bulgogi. One of the Korean students knew of a good cheap place to go. We sat on the floor and got to cook our own food. My table had pork. This was the 4th time we had experienced this kind of meal so we were professionals at it. The meal cost only around $4, including a bottle of Soju per table.

After dinner we took the city bus back to the bus stop for the school bus and ended up waiting an eternity, as always, for a bus. Tomorrow we will go on a field trip to an old town. And tour around there. It has a lot of traditional type places.

The group of KSS students are all coming our of their shells. We all getting comfortable with one another and make friendships. I know after this trip I will have made some life long friends. I'm beginning to fall in love with this town named Busan!!

Highlights of the evening:
I ate a caterpillar at dinner and the hottest pepper that i ever ever put in my mouth.. I almost cried it was so bad. 


  1. Having a caterpillar --- I bet you needed a hot pepper to chase that with!

  2. What have I told you about eating bugs!!!