Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th... from Korea

Our first Monday at Dong-A started off with orientation. We met our buddies at the bottom of the steps and rode the bus to the education building. They took us to the classroom to meet the other international students. We went over rules and the schedule and then introduced ourselves. There are 10 students from the UK, 4 girls 6 guys. And then there is a guy from California who is actually full Korean and speaks fluent Korean, but doesn’t read it well.

After the introduction of the program we walked to the cafeteria that is used for staff and had a good meal, much better than the cafeteria used for the students. After lunch we all got on the bus with our buddies and headed to the other two campuses of Dong-A, both about 15 minutes apart.  The first one we visited is the original campus and is very old looking, but is home to the medical school and art school. But on this site they have the Dong-A Medical Center. Dong-A has a pretty well known medical school. After walking through the nature trail area we got back on the bus and went to the other campus, which is the newest, and in the center of town more so. There we went on a bridge that connected two of the buildings. It was a pretty awesome view from there.

At the newest campus they also have the Dong-A University Museum. That has artifacts from the ancient days. The Lander group didn’t have much interest because we saw many of the same types of things in Seoul at the National Museum of Korea. Our buddies and the lady in charge understood us, thankfully.

Once everyone decided they had enough of the museum we went to Lotte Mart, this is similar to E-Mart that I mentioned we went to in Incheon. We got more snacks. And I got some flip flops to wear in the horrid shower. After everyone finished their tour of the 5 story store we dined at a buffet style restaurant. The food was delicious. We all went around once again and introduced ourselves. And got our “missions” for the rest of the month.

1.     We are going to a kindergarten class and have to tell a story and act it out or play a game with the kids.

2.     We have a final presentation with 2 others on something that we have learned. The topic list was given to us.

3.     We must act out a Korean folk tale… the recording will be sent back to our school.

Today was the 4th of July. I spent is with a bunch of English kids that didn’t seem to want to get to know any Americans. Maybe they are just mad that on this days years ago we decided to leave them and run things the way we wanted to. Just a thought. Hopefully the next 4 weeks will get better with them, some seem pretty cool. If not the buddies that we were placed with are perfect matches for us. Mine is just like me, we looked at each other so many times today and could tell what each other w thinking. I am supposed to go stay with her family this weekend, hopefully it will all work out because I know we will have a lot of fun!!

Tomorrow morning we start Korean language class. It will be a challenge but I am looking forward to learning a new language. Hopefully I will be able to grasp it well so I can at least learn how to order a pizza next time we want one. Hope everyone back hope is having a Happy 4th of July. I can see the ocean from my window… but no fireworks…                                                                 

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