Monday, July 25, 2011

Best Weekend of My Life!!!

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have ever had. Friday we left at 9 am to go to Geoje Island. It is the 2nd largest island in Korea. After an hour and a half bus ride that took us on very curvy roads through mountains and valleys we made it to our first stop. It was a sight-seeing spot that many visit to take picture over looking the ocean. We then went to Lotteria for lunch. After not having hamburgers or the option of hamburgers for so many weeks when I do have one it is not good to me. But still we were all starving so we were thankful for a meal.

After lunch we went to the POW camp. To me it was not a somber place. the times I have visited somewhere that is rich in war history I leave wit a heavy heart. Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor and Normandy all had the same feeling. This place did not. I don’t know if Korea just didn’t preserve it or didn’t want the pain to be relived by the visitors. Some of us were upset that we felt like this but still it was a good place to say that I have visited. After this we went to the DSME to over look the shipbuilding yard. Due to it being the largest in the world we could not tour because of such secretive stuff that goes on there for the Navy. After the small view we had of the yard we left and went to the house that was rented for us for the night.

When we got there the boys unloaded all of the groceries that were bought for us, mainly meat to grille. After everyone got situated in rooms the feast started. Kanghoon, Bond and Phil did the grilling. It was delicious. Korean bar-b-que is so good. The way you get to roll it up in a piece of lettuce with kimchi sauce. I’m going to miss Korean food so much when I got home. Bulgolgi, cold noodles and even kimchi.

After we finished eating the party got started. Robbie brought his computer so we could have music. Luckily we had wireless internet so we could play what ever songs we wanted. We all played games, danced and hung out until the early hours of the morning. I had many heart to heart talks with everyone. I think I was about the last girl to go to sleep. The boys said I gave up around 5:30 AM. I woke up around 9 to an alarm going off. We all struggled to make it Saturday. After stuffing ourselves with rice to feel better we went to get on a ferry to take us to another small island to walk around gardens. The ferry ride was beautiful though; we got some great views of cliffs. After touring around the gardens we got back on the ferry and made it to the bus. Everyone was so exhausted but starving. We had lunch at a squid place. I didn’t care for it at all. Cow intestines were served in the meal too. It grossed me out.

When we got back to the dorms everyone showered and decided they had recovered so it was time for round 2 of our amazing weekend. Noreen, Melissa, Lane, Jens, Ziv Robbie, Daniel and I met Kanghoon, Sujin and HeeJong at the Seomyeon station to go to a club. It is the most popular club in the area. We got there around midnight and stayed until 5:30 AM. Robbie, Mel and I danced the night away while other took break and watched. There was a good mix of rap, hip-hop and Korean music. It was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had. I felt like it was a scene out of a movie because there is nothing like this in Greenwood. At times it was like we were part of the movie Step-Up or Stomp the Yard. After we left the club (it was day light) we got to the dorms around 6:30 AM and all crashed until noon.

As exhausted, as we all were the same group minus 2 went back to the same area to do some under ground shopping. I didn’t find much but I did get some Korean face cleanser, thanks to Daniel talking me into with all of his clear skin Korean knowledge. This has been by far the coolest experience of my life. At this point I do not want to even think about having to leave all of my new friends. I am spending every waking moment with these people this week so if my blog is short please forgive me. I hope one day in the near future we will all be able to meet back up (in Korean or even London) and make more memories.

Monday--- Today we had class and then were dismissed for lunch. I went with my same group from the weekend for Japanese food. After lunch we met out buddies and went to Taejongdae for a tour. It was basically a cliff looking over the ocean. When we returned back to campus we all had dinner in the cafeteria. As normal we went for coffee/ice cream. Today was very calm and relaxing. The next few days will be spent working on our final project and free time with the group. 

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  1. Wow best weenend of your life! Sounds like you need to cook us all a Korean meal when you get home. Hope you have learned to cook some of the dishes. Dancing until 5:30?? Enjoy your last week and we look forward to seeing you soon. Love, Aunt Lisa