Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Samsung tour, Kindergarten and Haeundae Beach

The 2nd week in Busan started off with our 4th language class. It is getting a little easier because the alphabet is finally becoming easier to read. But I still can’t remember phrases, but can read for the most part. It’s so crazy. After class was over with the 4 Lander girls got to go into the President’s office and have tea and visit with him. After discussing the KSS program with him we were treated to lunch at a really nice restaurant. We had the best bulgolgi that we’ve had so far. And the kimchi was great too because it wasn’t too spicy.

We had to hurry through our meal because we had to meet the bus to take us on the Samsung tour. At the Samsung plant we were shown a few cars and how it looks with out the full body on it. Then we got to go through the plant where they were making them. To be honest I didn’t even know Samsung made cars, I thought it was just electronics like TVs and phones. It was pretty cool watching a car be built from start to the process before it is painted and stocked with all of the gadgets. Unfortunately we could not take pictures in the plant. Today KangHoon, Daniel and I were wearing the same type clothes. Navy and white stripes.  It looked like we were ready for a family photo.

After the tour was finished we went back to the school to meet with our groups to finalize the plans for the kindergarten project. Thankfully we were surprised with dinner, everyone voted for Chinese, I wanted pizza. But the Chinese delivery was pretty good, and the method of delivery was mind blowing. It was brought on a moped in these metal containers. Our noddle dish was in it, all 30 something.  After dinner there was more rehearsing.

After a long day of class and rehearsing we all needed to have a little fun. A few turned in for the night and went to sleep, another group gathered at the soccer field. Myself and 6 of the UK kids went on a mission to find more food. We came up on a nice looking grill on your table type restaurant. Only a few were hungry but there is no way only a few can eat at this type place. Ziv and I didn’t eat while the other shared pork and beef. As always at these style restaurants soju and beer is served. There was a promotion team coming around to all of the tables to promote a new light soju, we did a cheer with them and got 2 free bottles of this.

After everyone decided they were finished eating we decided it was time to head back to campus. 2 people wanted to take the bus and 5 wanted to walk… I couldn’t make up my mind so I decided I’d feel better about myself if I walked. I knew our school is on the side of a mountain but had no clue how many steps and inclines it would take to reach my dorm. I was drenched in sweat by the time we got back.

Tuesday, the day finally came, that we could show off our project to the kindergarten class. My group was with the older group. I think they were around 5 or 6 years old. They were really cute and very smart. They knew so many of the things we taught to them in English. We all dressed up as characters. The did know who Snow White was but didn’t pick me when they got a chance to pick their favorite on to draw. We also taught ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ which they knew the words in English. And then we ended with go over the English alphabet.

The 2nd mission was finally complete. We were treated to Outback!! So excited, even though I cold get Alice Springs Chicken I had a great hamburger. I was just glad to have a napkin at a meal for once. The napkins are very tiny and thin here. I miss having a cloth napkin at a restaurant. After a great and huge meal we got to go to Haeundae beach. This is the most famous beach in Korea. There were skyscrapers all around the area behind the beach. The water was very cold but felt amazing after walking so far to get to it from the bus. On the walk to the beach we walked through the building that the 2005 APEC meeting was held at. The water was so cold at the beach that everyone would just dip in, or be pushed by the guys, and then stand around on the shore line. But it was nice to have a little fun for an afternoon with everyone.

After changing clothes we went separate ways for dinner. Rachel, Nareen, Tom, Robbie, Daniel and I along with our buddies went to a noodle restaurant. The noodle dish I had was way too hot for me. So I didn’t eat much. It was so hot I found a convenience store to get a pop sickle to cool my mouth off after finishing dinner.  Everyone finally returned from dinner and we loaded back up in the bus to go watch the water light show. This show was incredible. It had music with water and lights going to go along with the music. On the bus rides everyone either falls asleep or takes pictures of the ones that have fallen sleep. I’m very scared because I usually fall asleep on the rides. During part of the day on a bus ride We all were passed the microphone to sing a song. When it came to me I chose to sing non other that "Wagon Wheel", I figured everyone that knows we well would be pretty excited to hear that. 

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  1. Corbin, thx for the great travel info. I feel as though I am along with you. Haeundae Beach looks very pretty. Do they know how to swim there? I see lots of yellow floats! Beautiful pics of water light show too! Love, Aunt Lisa