Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Week in Busan

The last week in Busan has been very relaxing. Tuesday we had class and then we took a field trip to the fish market at Nampodong. After a quick tour through it most of us wanted to do more shopping at Seomyeon. All of us went and split off. I split off with my normal group; Daniel, Robbie and other people in and out at times. After we were finished shopping we took the subway back and some of us went for porridge. Ziv had wanted to try it so we finally broke down and agreed to with him. It wasn’t as I thought it would be. It was very filling.

Wednesday we woke u to a terrible rainstorm. It was pouring. Seoul got the worst of the storm though. Around 40 people died because of landslides there. Luckily we all were safe other than getting soaked. After class was finished we all came back to the dorms for a nap. That night I went out with a few of the Koreans and boys to eat raw beef and have a few drinks in Nampo. Raw beef is a specialty here. It is delicious, it is actually raw beef with an egg yoke on the top. We also had raw beef bibimbap (rice and raw beef mixed together).

Thursday was out final day of class. We had our final test. It was all oral. We had to introduce ourselves and order at a restaurant. Also with buying clothes and counting money. I was very worried about this test. But luckily I made a 93/100. I was super excited to learn that. After the test we watched a Korean movie about the Korean War. It was very good although it had English subtitles it was still a good film. After the movie a few of the girls and I went back to Nampo to do some last minute shopping. I found a cute dress and shoes for this evenings going away dinner. I got a great deal on shoes, 2 pair for 10,000 Won, the dress was normal price but still I’m happy I got a cute dress here.

Our final morning in Busan was spent doing our final presentations. My groups project was about Korean food. After everyone did their presentations we got certificates of completion and watched a video of pictures of our 4 weeks. Afterwards we passed around sheets to write down memories for everyone.

Tonight at 5:30 we have our farewell dinner. I am nowhere near ready to say good-bye to this country. The memories and friendships I have made are very special. I can’t imagine myself not visiting this country again. The friends I have made will be life log friends. I never thought when I boarded the plane in Greenville that I would come back a whole new person. This trip has changed me forever. It has opened my mind to a whole new world. I am now more accepting of people that are not like me. Different cultures have amazing things to offer if you meet the right people. I could not have asked for a better group of Korean students or international students to spend the past month with. Tonight is going to be very hard but I know this is not a good-bye it is a see you later, or as I would say “see yall later”.

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  1. So glad you have had a positive and fun experience. Yes, visiting other counties do make you more accepting w cultures and their views. Don't say good bye, don't be sad just be thankful for your experience and make a plan in the future to see your new friends again. Love, Aunt Lisa