Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Annyounghasehyo... Hello

The 2nd day of Korean class was a little bit better… I still need to make flash cards because I can’t remember all of the letters and sounds they make. But we learned how to introduce ourselves today basically. Daniel (the Korean-American) said I spoke with a Southern Korean accent when he was helping me. After class was dismissed the whole KSS group decided to go into town and have lunch. We all made the trek down the 108 steps from the main building to the street. We found a whole in the wall Korean restaurant. All 14 students piled into it. There were pictures on the walls of some food and prices. We all made our decisions form the pictures or by looking at what other people had. Thankfully Daniel ordered for our table. I’m not sure how the other table ordered but they managed. I had something to the effect of country fried pork (like country fried steak) and of course rice and some veggies. It was delicious. I cleaned my plate. The prices there were really cheap, my meal cost 3500 Won ($3.50).  After we finished lunch we all hiked back to the main building and went to class for a Korean Politics lecture. It was really interesting. I learned a lot, and will be very interested on the next South Korean Presidential election next year. The professor that did the lecture believes a lady will win. This would be the first time a female will be president.  

After the one-hour lecture we met our buddies and our group to work on our school mission. My groups project is slowly coming together. Today we made most of the artwork we will use at the school. We are all getting comfortable with one another and learning each other’s personalities and picking on one another. The group I am in is very diverse. I am the only American girl, and then the rest are from the UK. One guy is Chinese but born in London, another guy is Israeli, there is a girl that is from Bangladesh and then the lady who is 61 and going back to school. Our buddies are also in our groups with us. So with that combination there is a lot to be learned, but very entertaining.

We were released at 5 to have dinner. Some caught the bus just in time while the rest of us had to wait at the bus stop for 15 minutes. After the bus finally came back around we went to the dorm and got our tickets and went to the cafeteria. Rice, kimchi and fish were tonight’s choices. I had rice. After dinner we had to go back and work on another mission. We are sound dubbing the Korean folktale “HongGildong”. I wanted a main character part but they were all male parts. So I got stuck with the secretary part… that is one line sadly.

Ps: I am currently making note cards to study with.. joy!

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  1. A Korean language class, umm, with a southern accent. I'm sure your teachers are loving that, as they Should! I expect to see you soon on Food Network, Danish hotdogs and seaweed soup, all sound....? Learning Koren politics is interesting I am sure. I hope you get to bring your pottery bowl home. Keep learning and having fun. Love, Aunt Lisa