Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kimchi Rice... Pizza Hut... New World...

Our first full day at Dong-A started off with us sleeping really late. It felt really nice to not have to wake up at a certain time. After we got ready we went down to the basement to eat lunch. Today we had kimchi rice basically. And some other things that we didn’t have because we couldn’t tell when kind of vegetable it was. We were also served seaweed soup and strawberry yogurt. After this meal we decided we would have to figure out a different plan for dinner.

Throughout the rest of the day we played on the internet and napped. We were told the buses didn’t run on Sundays so we didn’t think we could go into town to look around. But we did see the buses running so we were unsure. I took a nap because there wasn’t much else to do.

It is very humid in our rooms. Air drying our clothes that we washed last night is a little difficult because of the dampness in the air. Along with straightening my hair, it goes right back to being wavy. So it is pointless. It is still very quiet around here. The students from the UK arrived late last night and this afternoon. I have not met them yet but the other girls met 2 girls that are on our hall.

I didn’t mention this yesterday but the bathrooms in the dorm are bit of a challenge to use. The shower is all in the same room as the toilet and sink. The showerhead is connected to the sink faucet. In order to shower you have to hold the showerhead. This is going to be a crazy 4 weeks when it comes to showering.

We all came to the conclusion that we did not want to eat in the cafeteria for dinner tonight so we went on a mission to figure out how to order pizza. This was hard. The Pizza Hut website was in full Korean so we couldn’t order online. The group of us went downstairs to the internet cafĂ© to try to make a new friend to help us order pizza. Rachel and I got very frustrated and took a walk around the basement. Luckily Lane and Allie have patience and looked very needy and got some help. A really sweet girl figured out what they wanted and called pizza hut for us. We got a large cheese pizza but no breadsticks. We were unsure of the time it would come but understood that we need to go to the bottom of the steps and wait on the guy on the moped.

It came within 15 minutes. And it was the best pizza I had ever put in my mouth. We were all in need of a little bit of American food. The 4 of us devoured the pizza and decided we would make it a tradition, probably more than once a week. It was only around $17 delivery included, so it was definitely worth it. I’m so happy we now have the number and a receipt that we can just show someone to know what to order for us.

Tomorrow our buddies will pick us up and go to orientation and on a campus tour will pick us up. Tomorrow evening we will have a welcome dinner. So at least tomorrow we will be busy and around other people, today my dorm room got smaller and smaller. But Rachel, Allie, Lane and I are getting along great and are becoming really good friends. After pizza we all just laid around and talked like we had known each other for years. We all understand this is a great learning experience being placed in an environment that we are not used to. We are learning how to adapt while learning a lot about ourselves. I can’t wait for the next 4 weeks and what they will bring. 

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